Triangle Shaped Best Room Aromatherapy Fragrance Diffuser Humidifier

 Specification: Model NO: CJ-002 Size: 135*135*120mm Voltage: DC12V/1A Capacity: 400 ML Max Time: 13 hours Mist Amount: 30ml/h Regular color: Blue, golden, red LED light: Blue LED light Material: PP Weight: 268g Accessories: Color box, Manual, adapter, measuring cup Feature: 1. New product in...

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Model NO:    CJ-002

Size:         135*135*120mm

Voltage:      DC12V/1A

Capacity:     120ML

Max Time:    4 hours

Mist Amount:  30ml/h

Regular color:  Blue, golden, red 

LED light:      Blue LED light

Material:      PP

Weight:       268g 

Accessories:  Color box, Manual, adapter, measuring cup 


1. New product in 2016 

2. Triangle Shape aroma diffuser

3. Aromatherapy, Humidification, Purification

4. Auto-Shut-Off system

New aroma diffuser breaks up the molecules in the volatile essential oils and disperse them to the atmosphere, then creates fine mist and fragrance. ED Origin is the expert in aroma diffuser, oil diffuser, USB diffuser and mini humidifier. 

Triangle shape electric diffuser is a new design, with not so common shape, so it’s very standout in the market. The LED light is blue one, very beautiful with the nebulizing diffuser colors of red, blue and golden. 120 ml capacity can last for roughly 4 hours. Ultrasonic aromatherapy can raise the feelings of wellbeing for fragrance diffuser can add essential oils and release mist and fragrance good for person physical health. 

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