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Commercial humidifier

ED Origin Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 06, 2017

Commercial humidifier is a cross between a civilian and industrial medium between spray humidification equipment.

Commercial humidifier should have the following characteristics:

1, business volume of spray humidifier medium. Not too small, many hundreds of square meters of commercial space, the humidification capacity is too small ...

2, commercial humidifiers require is reliable. Failure rate for commercial environments less demanding work.

3, commercial humidifiers to be easy to maintain. Any commercial environment is a long-term work, unable to maintain equipment not suitable for use.

4, commercial humidifiers should be as energy-efficient as possible. Long-term use of the commercial environment has a strong energy demand.

5, the business volume of the humidifier. General compact commercial environment, volume of humidification equipment miniaturization tendency.

6, commercial humidifier water supply. Business environment is complex and diverse demands on the humidifier water supply and water supply should be flexible and convenient.

Commercial humidifier suitable Mahjong room, chess and card room, KTV, beauty parlors, hotels, family, entertainment, offices, banks, hospitals, schools, government offices and other indoor places.

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