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Fault handling

ED Origin Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 06, 2017

Humidifier fault detection

Household humidifier is mainly dominated by Ultrasonic sensors. Small humidifier to moisturize our lives at the same time, it will inevitably encounter some glitches. Knowing some basic troubleshooting methods are necessary.

Do not fog

The first step: atomizer to scale

Wind no fog humidifier, use tap water for a long time, staying the scale got water alkalinity on the shock, not functioning, fog less natural or spray out. Treatment methods: homemade lime scale removal. Lemon contains citrate can inhibit calcium salt crystals.

Note: do not use acid, not conducive to the maintenance and security breaches.

Step two: check whether the tranducer problem

Processing method: open the bottom cover check if the insurance is burned, if not, could be the float stuck, water tank with cup water base and then try (manual that float, float is a circle, usually white) if still does not spray to replace ultrasonic atomizer. Some spray is stainless steel, not paint scraping with a hard object, once the metal coating off, spray does not work properly, the fog cannot come out and needs to be replaced, but replace the atomizer, best is to look for products after the sale, because the specifications of the atomizer is not unique.

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