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Functions and Advantages of the Mini Humidifier

ED Origin Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 10, 2017

Ultrasonic humidifier can achieve the effect of atomization without heating or adding any chemicals. Compared with traditional way of atomization by heating, it saves 90% energy. Additionally, in the process of atoization, it releases a large number of negative ions that have static reaction with smoke, powder dust etc, floating in the air to precipitate them, at the same time, it also can effectively remove formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, bacteria and other harmful substances so that air can be purified and the incidence of the disease can be reduced. 

706A-3.jpg706A-3.jpgUltrasonic humidifier can bring you silky feeling ultra-dry fog particles.These fog particles ionize and neutralize the smoke, dust and gas molecules floating in the air to make natural precipitation so that dust molecules, smoke can be eliminated and oxygen molecules in the air can be activated. 

And it also can prevent you from air conditioning disease and enhance the body. This fine mist particles form anion group around the computer screen and consequently lower the radiation from the computer screen damage toward the skin and prevent myopia as well as inhibit the accumulation of the pigment to reduce the formation of facial pigmentation. 

In this way, you will become more beautiful.

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