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How we tested the diffusers

ED Origin Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 29, 2017

It’s easier to choose a product from internet, but it’s something entirely different to actually hold and use a diffuser. In order to determine what’s the best aromatherapy diffuser you can choose, we gonna to tell how to test the diffusers you ordered from internet.


The first thing we did was open the box and read the instruction manual.

Next, we looked at the pieces and assessed how easy it would be to set up the diffuser. We also took into consideration the build quality of the diffuser.

After that, we looked at the settings and options available on the diffuser, including auto-off, lighting, timers, etc. We also took note of how intuitive the controls were, and whether we needed to actually refer to the instruction manual more than once.

We also checked to confirm that the specs and features listed on each diffuser’s product page matched the product itself. Specifically, we checked ambient lighting, operating time, water capacity, timers, and automatic shutoff when the water reservoir is depleted. Fortunately, if all products specifications held up to expectations, then we moved on to differentiating between them with their performance as an actual diffuser.

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