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ED Origin Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 06, 2017

1. ultrasonic humidifier best using pure water added wet, because many regional water more hard that is calcium magnesium ion content high, plus water factory processing water Shi using drift powder and so on some water agent, these ingredients on humidifier added wet,, very adverse, part calcium magnesium ion with mist with spray out, dispersion in objects surface and ground Shang, dry Hou formed "powder"-like of scale, another part precipitation in for can tablets and the sink surface, formed solid scale, this are is water not pure caused, and for can tablets surface scaling Hou, Will affect the humidification effect, not even cleaning can lead to change in a timely manner can load and burn the tranducer and electronics.

2. Timing replace the water tank in the Mayor, because water stored for too long, the water will change, so long when not in use, no water in the water tank and sink.

3. Do not include poor quality additives in the tank (like perfume), likely to cause cracks in base water tanks and parts, affecting the machine working.

4. Collection of water when cleaning the humidifier, dry, preferably after you place the ventilated place to dry mounted boxes. < Tip: do not use plastic bags collection >

5. Method of cleaning transducers should pay attention to three points:

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