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Aromatherapy, It Could Be The Key To A Good Nights Sleep

ED Origin Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 01, 2017

Introducing calming aromatherapy oils into your nighttime routine could change your sleep habits forever.

I've lost count of the number of nights I have had lain awake staring at my ceiling, or caught up on yet another episode of Family Guy, while sleep evaded me. And when I do fall asleep more often than not I spend my night sleep walking. It's exhausting.
But since I have made an effort to layer my room, and myself, in sleep boosting aromatherapy oils my nights have been a whole lot more restful.
While aromatherapy can't cure insomnia (there's not much that can) it can increase your chances of drifting off to sleep. Research shows that aromatherapy oils promote relaxation and sleep. No one knows exactly how they do this but experts believe that aromatherapy oils are able to influence the brain chemicals that control our sleep via inhalation or through direct contact with our skin.


I love aromatherapy oils, I keep a calming and de-stressing one by my keyboard at work for when the deadlines mount up, one in my flight bag to steady my nerves when we encounter turbulence, and, naturally, I keep a stash of them at home to cocktail as I see fit.
I find aromatherapy oils completely come into their own when they're helping me get sleep. Besides, scenting your room with the aromatherapy oils that will help you slip off into sleep is a great idea.

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