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Concentrations Of Essential Oils

ED Origin Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 06, 2017

Use aromatherapy essential oils and lit, if the smell is very strong then that phytoncid is high, the effect is particularly fast, instead if just a faint fragrance is phytoncid content is low, and does not achieve the desired effect.

Will few fine oil (about 3CC) pour in transparent glass cup in lit, stay fire out Hou to health paper wipe Cup in the residues of oil points, these is oil copies that is expensive of plant hormones, residues oil points more more is fen more fine ingredients more high, and burning Hou, Cup in the will left has fine oil fragrance, fragrance more thick is concentration more high.

A little refined oil in hand, observe its flavor duration, and the longer, phytoncid components and more.

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