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Do You Need An Essential Oil Diffuser?

ED Origin Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 21, 2017

A surprisingly small number of people actually know what an essential oil diffuser is. When we conducted a poll, only about half knew what an essential oil diffuser was.

That said, essential oil diffusers are quickly gaining popularity due to a growing interest in the health benefits of essential oils, as well as the fact that scented candles are not as safe as many once thought.

Research on the dangers of scented candles

There is a growing body of research which indicates that scented candles are not as safe as many think. In fact, many candles release harmful metals and compounds into the air — including lead, acetaldehyde, and formaldehyde.


While there are scented candles that do not release these harmful chemicals, a significant number do. This issue has underscored the value and importance of finding alternatives to candles.

If you currently use scented candles for anything from aromatherapy to ambiance, it is imperative that you research your brand of candle to ensure it does not contain chemicals that could be harmful to you or your family.

A better option would be to switch over to an essential oil diffuser, which provides the same benefits as a scented candle, but uses natural ingredients — many of which have been proven over thousands of years.

The health benefits of essential oil diffusers

For many essential oils, there are different benefits attributed to applying them directly on the skin, versus having them diffused into the air. Some essential oils shouldn’t be placed directly on the skin at all.

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