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ED Origin Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 06, 2017

Aromatherapy health approach based on specific needs, and its ultimate goal is "in good health", as long as it doesn't interfere with the main purpose, does not affect the effect of aromatherapy, and specific forms of action can vary. Of course, if we have enough time, traditional incense would be more cultural significance, if you can't be bothered that you can also select the incense, incense coil to use, more convenient.

Here introduces the method--a traditional aromatherapy aroma isolation steps:

1, unscented incense in a smell the incense burner. For a friend who often incense, incense, incense ash is usually kept in the incense burner in the, which is known as to furnace.

2, smell the incense in the incense burner during a song, and then at the Central carbon hole dug up an. Its size in accordance with fragrance set-size, just to be able to live completely buried fragrant carbon prevail.

3, along with carbon light, fragrant carbon remains completely red but no fire best. And carbon in the carbon pores from the incense smoke, incense ash cover.

4, around the times of stacked above the fragrant carbon, and Pat Jansen formed volcano-shaped, flat on the top.

5, in the times of the top a ventilation hole in case the fragrant carbon out, while in order to control the burning rate

6, the incense is placed at the top level.

7, with the incense of small patches of material or powder incense dish. Keep no smoke of incense material State, if you smoke, it is caused by too high temperature, continue to thicken sweet incense above the carbon.

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