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ED Origin Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 06, 2017

Inhalation is deep breathing methods of plant essential oil inhalation, through the pulmonary circulation, later excreted by the human body.

Inhalation of the two functions are: treatment of respiratory infections (such as: bronchitis, asthma, colds, cough) or chronic diseases, refreshing and calming.

Simple act of breathing can be by one to three drops in a handkerchief, towel or in a half a cup of warm water, smell smoke at any time; note the glass do not use plastic-free, the rest of glass, porcelain or earthenware cups can be, if the wax on the paper cups you need to select is not.

At home, you can also pump hot water into the basin, drip a few drops by, after scattered in the water, with large bath towels covering the head and the basin, mouth, nose, alternating deep breathing until you feel more comfortable or until the water temperature is low.

Long drive or stay up late who worked overtime, you can prepare two three oils, used to deepen the refreshing effect, in which Peppermint essential oil can be refreshing to you fresh, can enhance your memory of Rosemary, Basil can increase responsiveness, and these are working long hours and lots of energetic people often choose fragrance. But in the number drops to control too much, because there are different to a counter effect of essential oil.

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