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Method Of Perfume

ED Origin Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 06, 2017

As a perfume to use aromatherapy essential oils, you can make pure plant aromatic flavor brings you a fresh and comfortable all day long, and the properties of essential oils can be mixed with each other, can make you free, create personalized perfumes. In the essential oil also can mix, General level there must be ylang ylang essential oil, because it is a perfume clergyman, plus a few in the deployment and 78% alcohol.

According to compress

The effects of different essential oils which are not the same, so usage and number of selected essential oils must be careful. If you do not know some are not allowed to mess with. If not more serious consequences. Compress in dizziness, heat exhaustion, constipation, Burns, headaches, and so on, have different effects in different essential oils. Aromatherapy essential oil compress can help you a little dizzy, headache, heat stroke can book massage He Jiaxun Lavender 2 drops in the temples; book what is "level first aid oil" treatment of Halo, Acne can work wonders. Lavender is the treatment of insomnia, restoration of function, in treating small area burn very well. But must be small in size but three fingers, three fingers must go to the hospital. Lavender was "in vain ' essential oils, which means that he can and what essential oils mix with 1+1=2 effect.

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