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Our Best Essential Oil Diffuser Overall

ED Origin Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 29, 2017

While all of the diffusers we tested do a good job of releasing essential oils into the air, the CJ501 was easily the best of the pack. The diffuser’s square stature, coupled with strong build quality and four sturdy rubber feet means that this diffuser won’t get knocked over very easily.

400Ml Plug In Bluetooth  Humidifier Essential Oil Ultrasonic Diffuser With Alarm Timer Display Set (14).jpg

What makes the CJ501 really stand out is the vapor output it produces, as well as the quality of that output. The water capacity of the diffuser is 300ml, which is more than double the capacity of every other diffuser. With a maximum run time of between 7 and 8 hours, this translates to approximately 35ml of vapor per hour.

The diffuser also produced a strong stream of vapor, which could be seen as much as 20 inches from the table (and about 16 inches above the spout on the diffuser) which, again, was higher than all the other finalists we tested.

The large capacity and strong vapor stream of the diffuser made a noticeable difference during our testing. We found that there was a strong scent — about as strong as when the diffuser was on — for about 15 minutes after we turned the diffuser off. The scent remained quite noticeable until the 30 minute mark, and a lingering scent remained until almost an hour after turning the diffuser off.


Operation of the diffuser is simple as well, although it owns complex function.

The aroma diffuser have Bluetooth function, so you can connect it with your phone to play music, and it also comes with clock function, you can set time easily.

The light itself offers seven different color options, which can either cycle or be locked onto one color. The light itself isn’t particularly bright, so it could serve as an effective night light without disrupting sleep (especially if you choose the red light). And diffuser also with alarm clock function, set the clock then you will wake up on time next morning.

Finally, the CJ501 essential oil diffuser runs extremely quiet. In our office, which measures about 40 decibels with the doors and windows closed, the diffuser only generated 46.5 decibels when the decibel meter was less than an inch away from it.

CJ501 aroma diffuser also offers a 1-year warranty, which ensures that, if you’re one of the unlucky few that get a defective product, you’ll be able to get a replacement at no cost and with no hassle.

Overall, the ED Origin CJ501 Essential oil Diffuser offers impressive build quality and the best overall performance of the essential oil diffusers we tested. 

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