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Therapeutic Uses

ED Origin Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 06, 2017

Aromatherapy essential oils, a wide range of therapeutic uses, it speeds up the metabolism of the cells, strengthens the immune system, eliminate intracellular toxin. Fine scented liquid element, component is active, it can penetrate deep into the DermIS layer, blood transport oxygen, water and nutrients to the cells, its penetration is more than other skin care products can claim. Because essential oils are completely natural products, so rather than man-made chemicals, more acceptable to the skin.

Step one: first wet his hands, choose skin cleanser, rub into a fine foam, gently clean in the face, and then washed with water.

Step two: after wet skin with toning water and coated 2ml "pure Lavender Exfoliating mud", taking away aging skin, pigment, and then in the face wash to open, about 1 minutes later, washed, and then sprayed with toner.

Step three: use about one tablespoon (8ml) of jojoba oil Jojba Oil, add 6 drops of Chamomile Roman Chamomile, apply to face and neck after the light and mix thoroughly with your fingers, massage 5-10 minutes, leaving skin continues to absorb essential oil, do not wash away.

Step four: aromatherapy facial mask on face and neck evenly, then covered with wet cotton eye. Top dressing during spray lotion to enhance the moisturizing effect, after 15 minutes wash away. Finally, sprayed with toner, light-coloured eye lotion and creams, the entire self help aromatherapy skin care program takes only 20 minutes to com

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