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ED Origin Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 06, 2017

The scope of

The scope is very broad, including living room, bedroom, den, kitchen, toilet bathroom, Office, meeting, KTV, hospitals, cars are applicable within the confined space. Outdoors, it can also be used for fine going out bag, allow you to enjoy fresh and healthy air.

Best time to

Influenza, it was at home, lit incense to avoid each other.

Confined spaces such as KTV, play mahjong, family pets, wardrobes, shoe racks, cars, toilets, offices, perfume bottles can be used to eliminate odor and prevent exposure to second-hand smoke.

Before the bath, put incense into the bathroom after ten minutes, and then to enjoy the shower "forest bath".

Flies and mosquitoes in the summer, use of insecticide oils as substitutes for harmful pesticides or mosquito coils can also ward off fleas and other parasites, and odor removal.

Worship in the family, sandalwood can substitute for chemical aromatic rings or sandalwood powder.

Bugs when using incense to achieve bactericidal and protective effects.

Have a variety of physical and mental symptoms of discomfort, choose lavender essential oils to help relieve symptoms, improve immune function.

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